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Does private security (like bodyguards) have a good future?

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Does private security (like bodyguards) have a good future?

Answer by Drew Steig – Quoras Own Start Up Guru

Answer originally posted on Quora.Com

Several years ago my best friend was a former security guard. He was on disability. He had 2 major incidents in his life that hurt him horribly. First he was jumped at a construction site by 5 tweekers, and left for dead til he was found in a ditch the next morning. The second was in a hotel, he took down a drunk man twice his size. In the process the man landed on his arm leaving him permanently disabled. His disabilty took years to get, and he couldnt afford his diabetes medicine. He started smoking and drinking more, and died from emphysema 2 years ago, alone in his house.

My best friends life was cut short because he lost everything after being injured doing security. His employer fought workers comp and disability and it dragged on for years.

Now to be fair not every security personell will experience this, and other jobs are hazardous too. But the pay is crap, and there are no benefits, and you put your life on the line for someone elses stuff.

Ask yourself is this happening to you a chance you are willing to take. A 1% chance? A 1/1000 chance? But be prepared it could happen. And if you do, sock money away because if you get injured, 5–10 years is not uncommon in the battle for disability.