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Social Media Blast – SEO

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Social Media Blast Management Program – With integrated SEO

We will manage your Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram & Twitter accounts, choose the plan that best fits your budget and needs.

Beginner Plan – $250 per month – 5 posts a day to each site with unique hashtags designed specifically for your company. Inclusion for your customers in our weekly drawing.

Intermediate Growth Plan – $500 per month – Same as beginner but with 5 additional company specific posts per day on each site designed especially for you and your company. 

Dedicated Management plan – $1000 per month – same as previous plans but with a trained customer service rep answering your messages 5 days a week during business hours, and converting visitors into customers. Rep will be shared with no more than 5 total companies to provide the fastest response, which is essential to converting inquiries into customers.

How it works

Cross-association by hashtags – We develop 20 keyword minded hashtags for your company, short words and phrases designed to associate your company, and its social media accounts and websites with keyword search terms that will raise your ranking in search engine searches.

Beginner level images & weekly drawing – We use generic engagement enhancing images, geared at increasing your following, and the level of engagement with your followers. This will keep people coming back to your page for a chance to win the weekly drawing, which is paid for by using 1% of the total monthly program budget for each one of our customers each week for a weekly drawing. The winner will be announced on each of our customers pages, as if they were the winner solely for that company. This is a broad shotgun approach that will slowly but surely reach your target audience by saturation. This is 5 posts a day, and costs $250 per month

Intermediate level growth images and text – Here we add 5 additional posts per day, specifically targeted at advertising your company and its services and discounts. This will have industry appropriate images, usually created from stock images, but we can use pictures of you, your company, its employees or leadership, or specific images you choose. For consistency we use the same 5 images and message each day, but differentiate them with layer masks, which we will explain in another section. This service is an additional $250 per month, and is only available as an add on to the beginner level, for a total of $500 per month. All content creation is included at no additional charge, and adjustments can be made with 2 weeks notice.

Social media answering service / Dedicated management – For an additional $500 per month on top of the intermediate growth plan, we can answer any messages and/or questions submitted to your social media pages on your behalf. We guarantee that your rep will be fully trained to answer any questions that your customers may have, and will manage no more than 4 additional companies to yours. It is like having a timeshare customer service rep, for once your social media campaigns really get moving. This is most likely a temporary phase, because as you continue to grow, you will likely need a full time employee managing your responses.

How we avoid spam filters – We use a combination of layer masks in photo editing, that are designed to make the same picture register differently to spam filters, and rotating through your hashtags 3 at a time, to avoid spam filters. We have had campaigns that went on for years with the same pics and hashtags , never having triggered a single spam filter. Not even once. That was with only 10 versions of each image, and 10 hashtags. We have expanded that to 50 versions of each image, and 20 hashtags, to make an almost limitless amount of combinations, and we intend to add additional layer masks as time goes on.

Other benefits of our services – As a social media blast customer, you automatically get our friends and family rate for any type of business consulting or website services we offer. This is currently $60 per hour, compared to our normal rate of $80 per hour. If you refer a friend or business associate to this program, you each get half off their first month with us, when they mention your name.