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What is CEO? What power does CEO have in the company?

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What is CEO? What power does CEO have in the company?

Answer by Drew Steig – Quoras Own Start Up & Small Business Guru

Answer originally posted on Quora.Com

Ceo stands for chief executive officer. While there are alot of various responsibilities a ceo may have, depending on the size of the company, and the type, the position can be simply explained by comparing it to a car. A car being the company, the ceo is the driver of that car. They lead, detirmine the direction of the company, and usually have a hand in every department.

As a ceo of a smaller company, i personally pitch in wherever needed, while personally managing the marketing and research and development aspect of the company. However i can sometimes be found outside doing yardwork with my maintenance team. (not a mandatory responsibility, i just enjoy it)

The ceo is where the buck stops. He/she reports directly to wither the owner, the board, or in some cases is the owner. The other executives typically report to them, and he/she makes sure that the ship is smoothly sailing.